Shapes Theme

Shapes Theme

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The Circle
The circle is a shape
That’s easy to be found.
It has no corners on it
And is completely round.
(Form circle with fingers)
A Square is its Name
Here’s a shape that you should know.
(Form square with fingers)
A square is its name.
It has four corners and four sides
That measure all the same.
The Triangle
The triangle is a simple shape.
(Form triangle with fingers)
I think you will agree.
Count its sides and corners
And you will find just three.
A Rectangle
This shape is called a rectangle,
(form rectangle with fingers)
It’s found most everywhere.
It has four corners and four sides,
Sort of like a square.
But if you call this shape a square,
You would be very wrong.
Since two of its sides are short,
And two of them are long.



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