Keeping Baby Warm in Winter for Babywearing Mamas

Keeping Baby Warm in Winter for Babywearing Mamas

Babywearing in Winter

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It’s a challenge getting around the city in the winter with a baby! When my now two year old was still of the age to be carried around in the baby carrier, I used this cover to keep him warm! I now use it with my 5 month old! It does not zip into my coat, but I find that to be okay because I get so hot when babywearing that having my coat unzipped keeps me the perfect temperature. It is also not too heavy so the baby also doesn’t overheat. If you wear the baby facing in, it has a built in (detachable) hood that the baby can wear as well. And I have not used it this way, but according to the product photos, you can also use it as a stroller blanket!

On the coldest days, I put my baby in a fleece bunting (I have a couple different ones from Carter’s and found that 9mo was the perfect size for my babies when they were 4-6 months old for their first winters) and then in the carrier and put the carrier cover on top. The bunting covers their hands and has a hood, but I also put a hat on them too.

On days when it is not quite as cold, they will just wear the fleece bunting. It is hot in our apartment so I dress them in usually just a onesie if even that (I have been known to have naked babies lying around all day!) and then when it is time to go outside, we put on the bunting and then other layers as needed.

Keeping your toddler warm in winter is another story for another day… My current strategy is waiting until he gets cold enough to ask for his coat! If only they could stay babies forever… Enjoy your time with them because it goes so fast!


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