This is Real Mom!

This is Real Mom!

Two and a half years ago, I had a baby. It was what I had always dreamed of, but I had no idea what it would actually be like. Being a mom is so very different from what I expected, and the reality is that sometimes, being a mom is just HARD. Now I have two babies and it is even harder. But I love them so much and would do anything for them.

Two years ago, when I was frustrated with the picture-and-pinterest-perfect media representations of motherhood, I had a vision to create where I would document the everyday. But then I thought that no one would want to see me in my pajamas taking care of my naked baby! Flash forward to a few months ago, when I found myself trying to nurse my baby while my toddler decided our living room needed to be covered in lucky charms… and I remembered my idea for This is Real Mom. And here I am writing about my REAL MOM LIFE for all to see. I take all of my photos with my cell phone, I write everything during naptime, and I have lots of help in my village – the most helpful husband and most supportive mom ever, awesome friends and family, and a wonderful babysitter who helps me about 3 hours each week… I don’t do this alone, and I realize that many women do too much of it alone. Find your village! It will help you immensely.

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Here are some current highlights from This is Real Mom:

On the blog homepage, you will find my most recent posts!

I have a list of Pregnancy Resources for expecting moms, which is a list that I send to all of my pregnant friends. This includes The Baby Stuff List, which goes into detail about all things baby.

Naptime Deals are deals I love that other moms could find useful too!

I also love to share Children’s Book Recommendations . As a former teacher, I have quite a large collection of children’s literature and love to help other moms make great choices for their home library.

I have written my birth & sleep stories, and documented the schedules I keep with my kids.

I also have a few great recipes to check out as well!

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