Five Favorite Baby Items

Five Favorite Baby Items
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Here are some of my favorite baby items/toys from the first year!

Birth – crawling (0-6 months)

Before your baby can crawl, an activity mat is the perfect place for him or her to play! Our baby loved to lay under the toys when he was a wee little one! The other perfect thing for pre-crawling babies is the sit me up floor chair. This chair was a lifesaver for my second baby who loved to sit up starting around 2 months old but needed some extra support.

Crawling – Walking (6-9 months)

Once your baby starts crawling, you have to change things up a bit. I found the exersaucer (or jumperoo) to be truly necessary. We started using the exersaucer around 4 months with both of our sons. I thought these were so ugly that I could never imagine myself buying one, but it was a lifesaver for about 6 months. It didn’t seem worth it for something we would get a relatively short use out of, but trust me, it was. It let me get things done in the kitchen and around the house while my son was entertained by the toys in the “saucer.”

Young Walker Toys (9 months – 1 year)

Once your baby starts walking, good luck! They will get even more into everything they are not supposed to than they did when they were crawling. Our little one loved to push his walker wagon, play with his tool set, and scoot around the apartment!

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