Finding Stroller Love

Finding Stroller Love
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Stroller Love

I didn’t know there was such a thing as stroller love before I became a mom, but it is a thing that exists! It is when the push and functionality of your stroller bring you so much joy that you fall in love…. and this has happened to me with my Mountain Buggy Duet!!!
Here are all the things I love about this stroller:
  • It is the perfect width. It fits two kids comfortably and at the same time fits ANYWHERE since it is the narrowest side by side double stroller available (see photo below of it in double mode sliding right through the narrow aisles in my supermarket)
  • There is an add-on Carrycot Plus option that turns into a parent facing seat which allows you to have the baby facing you while the toddler still faces out
  • The basket is decent sized and holds everything I need it to
  • I was able to attach two different parent consoles (this one and this one) that store everything I need right within reach.
  • The adjustable handlebar allows the stroller to be the perfect height for me to push. I can also adjust it really low so my toddler can push it (see top photo!)
  • The all-terrain tire wheels make for a dreamy push
I have been so happy with this as my double stroller, and I looked at a lot of options. Compared with other side by sides, this was the only option for me because it was the only one that would fit through my front door! I looked at tandem options as well but they felt like I was pushing a bus!

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