12 Sensory Activities You Can Buy on Amazon

12 Sensory Activities You Can Buy on Amazon
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Something very similar to the above popped up on my Instagram feed this week. And while I will admit that most of the time I want to be a Pinterest mom, and sometimes I even try Pinterest activities, for the most part my ideas sit there on Pinterest and never get done. Mostly because I hate making messes in my apartment and I also don’t like to have to gather a whole bunch of different materials in order to do an activity.

While there are so many activities you can do with items you already have (be sure to check out my Baby and Toddler Activity Time and Preschool Activity Time groups for lots of great ideas!), sometimes it is fun to pull out something new to do with your little one! And many of us don’t have time to prepare an elaborate activity, so here are some ideas that you can easily buy on Amazon, open, and just start doing the activity with your child, little to no prep needed!

  1. Wikki Stix – This is at the top of my list because many moms who aren’t teachers don’t know about them! We used to use them all the time when I taught kindergarten, and many preschools use them too. They are great little wax sticks that you can bend and mold into different shapes, objects, and you can also use them to practice letters and numbers!
  2. Play doh – My son loves doing play doh and it is relatively easy to set up and clean up!
  3. Kinetic Sand Kit – This one might make a little mess, but kids love sand and it’s a great for sensory play! Plus, the kit comes with everything you need for sandy fun!
  4. Lacing Beads – These help with fine motor skills and can be used to teach patterns, colors, and shapes.
  5. Glow Sticks – So easy, simple, and fun. Turn off the lights and dance or read! Or build a tent to play with them under.
  6. Locks and Latches Board – Builds motor skills while children explore the different numbers, shapes, and colors on the board.
  7. Magnetic Tiles and Building Blocks– We’ve been loving our Magformers and Duplos, we build all kinds of things with them!
  8. Instruments – My son loves to play his ukulele, and anything to shake is also fun to use while listening to music and singing songs!
  9. Sensory Table or Ball Pit– I really wish I had a backyard so I could get one of these to rotate different things like sand, water, popcorn kernels, balls, magic beads and old cereal for the kids to just get messy with.
  10. Light Table – This one I have yet to try because of the price, but my mom said it is all the rage where she teaches preschool. I’m thinking this + this would be a much cheaper alternative, and I think it would do the same thing?
  11. Activity Cube – For the younger babies, these are great for them to touch and explore, practice pulling up and standing while holding on!
  12. Soft Activity Book – Another one for the younger babies, one of these books is perfect for learning to explore their sense of touch.

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