Game Changer Resources For Moms

Game Changer Resources For Moms

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The back-splash pictured above is a sticker – that’s a game changer!

Game Changer Resources for Moms

The following resources have been “game changers” for me – at the exact time I needed them, they provided me with support and new ideas that helped me move forward on this parenting journey. I hope they can help some other moms too… Please comment below if you have a game-changing resource to share!!!

Pregnancy/Newborn Phase

  • BabyCenter Birth Month Clubs – I found these groups when I was pregnant with my first, and it is so helpful to be able to see how other moms are going through the exact same things (or worse things) as you are throughout pregnancy!
  • BabyCenter Teaching Your Baby to Sleep Board – After my first baby was born, I realized that he was not just going to sleep the way I wanted him to all by himself. This group is supportive to moms who want to teach their babies to sleep and will answer questions and provide advice and support based on your situation.
  • Mom groups on Facebook and MeetUp – There are so many local (and not local) mom’s groups out there. It was so helpful to me to feel part of a larger community of moms. My favorite groups have been my local moms groups, Trader Joe’s Meal Ideas for Busy Moms, StrollerQueen Stroller Swap, and the Babywise groups.

Mom of a Baby

  • Following a Schedule/Routine for your Baby – Learning to follow a routine was a game-changer for me. It allowed me to plan my days and know what to expect from my baby. I used a lot of different resources to get to a routine that I was comfortable with – you can read more about my sleep journeys here and here or check out my sleep resources section on my pregnancy resources page.
  • Ellyn Satter’s Division of Feeding Responsibility This resource has helped me the most when it comes to feeding my kids. It has allowed me to let go of the control I sometimes feel I need to have over how much my children eat — I am able to feel confident in letting them learn to trust their own bodies and hunger cues through following her advice!
  • Born to Eat | Soren’s Purple Plate These resources helped me further understand the importance of providing increasing independence when it comes to feeding. I never actually did baby-led-weaning, mostly because I was too afraid of choking, but I found both of these resources extremely helpful in planning recipes and developing my feeding philosophy.

Mom of a Toddler 

  • Daniel Tiger Amazon Prime – I still remember the first time I watched Daniel Tiger with my toddler. I almost cried during the opening music when I realized that Daniel Tiger is based off of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Having so many seasons available to stream for free off of Amazon was a complete game-changer for us because we needed more episodes than we could record! My searchable Daniel Tiger episode list was also a game-changer since now I can find any episode I am looking for!

All Moms

  • I wouldn’t survive without the following stores that deliver our family necessities to my apartment:

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