How to Find the Best Deals on Baby Food Pouches

How to Find the Best Deals on Baby Food Pouches
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How to Shop for Pouches

Pouches are just so convenient and easy for on the go eating as well as at home when you are in a pinch! However, finding deals on them can be tricky, and I’ve found a few things you have to look closely at before purchasing: ingredients, sizing, and quantity/price. I was looking through a bunch of pouches yesterday, and found one that I thought was a good deal, but then I read that the first ingredient was water! So I had to keep looking!

I have found a lot of times that what is advertised/pictured on the front of the pouch is misleading, so you really have to read the ingredients and check the order of ingredients to make sure you are happy with the first couple ingredients.

In addition to the ingredients, you need to check the size — pouches range from 3-4 oz. generally, so you have to balance the size with the price of the pouch. You can also look at the calories to get a sense of how large the pouch is. I have noticed that most pouches range from 50-90 calories.

Especially if you are shopping online, check the quantity of pouches that come in the box, because it definitely varies based on brand and makes a difference on whether or not the pouches come out to a good deal!

Check different sites – my go to sites are Amazon and Target! The prices can change frequently, but I am almost always able to find some for less than $1 per pouch! Over time, the savings will really add up and you will be able to save hundreds of dollars just by being a savvy shopper! You can also follow my group Naptime Deals where I post deals as I find them!

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