Toot Scoot Toddler Bike

Toot Scoot Toddler Bike
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Toot Scoot Toddler Balance Bike

My two year old loves riding around on his Toot Scoot. It’s a great tool for learning to ride a bike, and he is so happy scooting around the neighborhood independently! He has progressed so much in his ability to balance on the bike, and he is now cruising down hills with his feet off the ground! I am hoping that he will be able to smoothly transition to a bike without needing training wheels when the day comes, but we’ll have to wait until he’s a little older to see!

He’s been wearing this helmet since around 1 year, when we started using the iBert Child Bike Seat on our bike to ride around with him. The helmet still fits him at 2.5, so we’ve gotten a lot of use out of it!

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