Tumbleleaf Coloring Activity

Tumbleleaf Coloring Activity
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Tumbleleaf Coloring Activity

My son’s favorite shows right now are Tumbleleaf and “Mouse-Cookie.” His cousin was so sweet and sent him these finger puppets (pictured above) of the characters of Tumbleleaf and we have been having so much fun playing with them! He colored them and we laminated them, too, so that little brother can’t eat them!

I photographed the puppets and enlarged them so you can print them as a coloring sheet and if you wanted to cut them out in their current size, they would be perfect to glue on paper bags as paper bag puppets! You can find the printable PDF document in the files of my Facebook group Preschool Activity Time!

And, if you are becoming a Tumbleleaf fan too, check out these adorable crochet patterns of Fig and Maple!


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