Favorite Toys for 1 Year Olds

Favorite Toys for 1 Year Olds
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Favorite Toys for One Year Olds

I have written previously about great toys for babies and toddlers: see Favorite Baby Toys and Choosing the Best Toys for Toddlers for ideas for other ages… but what about the in-between stage, from approximately 12-18 months when they are no longer quite a baby but also not yet a toddler?

At the age of 1, children are usually at different stages in their development. Some are walking, some are still crawling, and others are starting to run! They are usually still enjoying trying to eat all the toys whenever possible, aren’t talking yet, and eager to explore the world around them.

My top recommendation for this or any age is books because reading to your child is THE best thing you can do for them. The Indestructables (pictured at top of post) series are perfect for this age since they cannot be ripped, and are chew-proof! I have another great list of books for babies here: Building a Baby Library. It’s also time to start thinking ahead to Building a Toddler Library!

While many toddler toys will be great for 1 year olds (It’s also a good time to start thinking about a toddler tablelearning tower, or water table, depending on how much space you have!) and you can probably still get use out of some of the baby toys, here are some toys that are perfect for 1 year olds:

1. Shopping Cart or Walker Wagon – for first walkers, something to push around is lots of fun. And, these can double as toy storage!

2. Instruments – such a fun age to sing, move, and shake! The guitar was also popular with my son around that time.

3. BlocksDuplosBristle BlocksMagnetic blocks – these are also on my toddler list, but I think building materials are one of the most versatile and valuable toys, and I would highly recommend introducing them early for exploration and imaginative play!

4. Crawling Tunnel – for gross motor playtime!

5. Something to keep them busy and entertained like this tool bench – Both of my babies loved this toy, and it would keep them entertained the longest out of any toy! Which was a plus if I was trying to clean the kitchen or get something else done around the house!

6. Toys with wheels – Older babies/young toddlers love making things move and watching them move!

7. Stacking Blocks – at 1, babies enjoy knocking over the stacks you build, and as they get older, they will learn to stack it themselves!

8. Shape Sorter and Pounding Bench

9. Puzzles – I actually don’t love puzzles since they are a very closed-ended toy, but the chunky puzzles are fun at this age and good conversation starters between baby-caregiver. Not at the top of my list but I did enjoy playing with them with my babies.

10. Most anything from these collections: Melissa and Doug’s K’s Kids line, Hape, Plan, and Green Toys

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