My Favorite YouTube Videos for Kids

My Favorite YouTube Videos for Kids

There are so many great quality programs for littles on YouTube — one thing we did yesterday that worked amazingly was setting a timer for 15 minutes of playtime and then doing a “brain break” YouTube video and repeating the cycle!

Another thing that works really well is to make a playlist of short videos that surround a theme, such as “Rainy Day” or “Snowy Day” and then watch it together on a dreary day when it is impossible to go outside. I find that making a playlist in advance (or right there while your kids watch you make it) curtails all of the suggested videos that my kids always beg to watch. I’m REALLY picky about what YouTube videos I will allow as I have seen some crazy stuff on there that I don’t want my kids watching. It is true that some of the videos that appear to be children’s videos are absolutely NOT for children. YouTube is a valuable resource for finding quality shows, but the adult should be in charge of choosing! When possible you should preview them in advance, but by sticking with well-known shows such as Sesame Street you can usually get by without previewing in advance.

My Go-To Shows to Search for when Making Playlists (For example, I’ll type in “Sesame Street Rain” or “toddler rain videos” if searching for a rainy day playlist):
-Sesame Street
-Daniel Tiger
-Super Simple Songs
-I’ll update this list as I think of more 🙂

You can view my playlists here!

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Daniel Tiger Feelings Compilation

Super Simple Songs

Sesame Street What I Am

Sesame Street Don’t Give Up

Sesame Street Usher’s Alphabet

Sesame Street 1, 2, 3, 4

Brain Breaks

Cosmic Kids Yoga

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