A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

It ain’t a party ’till someone poops in the tub…

Lunch & Nap

I might as well just start serving lunch straight from the floor, since yesterday at lunch, little man sat on his lunch, threw it on the floor, and then asked to get down to eat it off of the floor! We played kitchen for a bit (pictured above, with chicken nugget stains on his pants!) and then it was my favorite time of the day — NAPTIME! He goes down pretty easily, so my routine is to change him, offer him water, read him a book, say night night and lay him down. I did all of my naptime things… Naptime Deals, browsing the internet, and overall just avoiding getting the things done that I actually needed to do like pay my medical bills and finish my Target order!

School Pickup

Then it was time for school pickup for my 3 year old. My toddler wanted to walk, but was excited enough when he noticed his his snack tray was filled with cheerios. He proceeded to start throwing them instead of eating them, but we pressed on.
School pick up at my son’s school is a little crazy. His class is technically on the 2nd floor of the school, but requires walking up about 7 flights of stairs. I REALLY don’t like taking the little guy out of the stroller, because it is a huge pain to get up and back down all those stairs with such a stubborn little guy, not to mention getting him back in the stroller when it’s time to go back home. It’s so much easier just to leave him in the stroller and take the elevator. But my son’s school has the oldest elevator in the neighborhood, and you have to find someone with a key to unlock it! Thankfully the after-school teachers are usually right there and can unlock it for us, but today they weren’t. So, we trekked up the stairs, got my son, and got in line to head back down the elevator. The boys were bickering and I started to get stressed but just kept trying to distract/redirect them.
This particular day was a bit more stressful than normal, because I didn’t have my usual stroller with me. I picked up a new (free — one of my hobbies is bargain/Goodwill/free-stuff shopping) stroller from another mom in the neighborhood hoping that I could transition my older son to using the ride on board instead of a seat, but that is just not going to happen. He needs a seat or we all go crazy!

Grocery Shopping & Playdate

We made it out of school and were headed to a playdate, but needed to stop at the grocery store. And in NYC when you go grocery shopping you have to schlep not only your kids but all of your gear… there is no car to leave it all in… The stroller also doesn’t fit through most check out aisles so it has to sit in the main aisle annoying all of the other customers while a mom checks out! We successfully got our bananas, kiwis, and peppers, and went on our way to the playdate!

The playdate was amazing, one of the best after school playdates we have had in a long time! My son gets really tired after school, so much so that for a while I just had to say no to playdates because he was just too tired to function. However, we started doing movie playdates and that has helped a lot… they relax and watch a movie and then play for a bit. It was awesome!


We left the playdate to head home for “dinner-bath-show” and by the time we made it home it was already 5:15! Woo-hoo for mommy. I always feel much better after 5 because “dinner-bath-show” saves me from 5 PM onward and keeps us super busy! I made them dinner — peppers, kiwi, bread with butter, and meat (hot dogs for 3 year old and meatballs for 1 year old) and we video chatted family while they ate. Then we made it to the bath in time for my littlest man to poop in the tub and big brother to poop on the potty! They enjoyed bath time until they started pouring water on each other at which point I told them it was time for show!
We were running late so my husband walked in the door before the show even started, (I usually try to time it so he gets home when the show ends) so they watched the show while he got a few things done and I got the kitchen all cleaned up! We were both trying to get a lot done around the house so we ended up letting them watch a little extra TV and by the time TV was over they just had a little bit of time to play Run Around (this game is played by asking Alexa to play Run Around and then running around for 3 and a half minutes!!) before it was time to brush teeth.


We tag-team at bedtime, but switched it up on this particular night and I did the little one’s teeth while my husband did our preschooler’s. Once they were both brushed and in diapers, I told them I was going to make daddy’s dinner and that daddy would finish up bedtime 🙂 I heard a few screams but made our dinner and then our 3 year old started giving us a really hard time. Turned out he REALLY needed to go potty again so after we got that solved, he went to bed with only 3 pillow flips, two music box turns, and a blanket adjustment.

Post-Bedtime & Next Morning

After the kids were in bed, my husband and I ate our dinner, watched a couple shows, and then finished up some household ordering on Target and went to bed later than we should have! The next morning, we woke up to screams from our 3 year old that his eyes were hurting. I went in trying to see what was the matter and I couldn’t figure it out. He was screaming that he didn’t want to go to school because of his eyes hurting. Well after some investigating it seemed that his face was just really chapped from walking outside in the cold, and a thick application of body balm cured his ailments! Off to school he went 🙂
Since this space is all about keeping it real, I always need to use the ladies’ room after breakfast & coffee, so I’m always trying to shoo my preschooler out the door with my husband so I can use the restroom & take a shower 🙂 It’s a fact of mom life that getting a second or two or three of privacy is hard to come by. So, I let my 19 month old binge watch Caillou while I get ready for the day. It works for us, so we do it. Caillou is his current show of choice, but he is VERY particular about shows, so his favorites change every second!

Morning Outing

Once I was ready, my 19 mo old and I headed out in the snow for a quick stop at the post office followed by story time at the library. I didn’t take the stroller because of the snow and I was surprised that I didn’t regret it. He did a great job walking and holding my hand for the first time.
We enjoyed our walk home in the snow and came home where he ate chicken nuggets again for lunch. And instead of serving it with leftover Eggo waffles like I did yesterday, today he had carrots and hummus. And then he played nicely for around 20 minutes before he needed a diaper change and a NAP!


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