Preparing for Baby: After the Baby Shower

Preparing for Baby: After the Baby Shower

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So much fun! And then… the party is over and everyone goes home! You may have received some things that you have never seen before and don’t know what you will do with! Where will you put everything? It’s time for the ending stage of pregnancy: the nesting stage! It’s time to nest & get ready for baby!

Step 1: Inventory What do you have? Do you have any duplicates? Start putting things away where they will be used (bottles & feeding supplies near kitchen, diapers & clothes in nursery, bath supplies in bathroom, etc…) and put any duplicates/extra/unnecessary items in a box or bag to be returned to the store or re-gifted. Lay out all the clothing and sort by size. I recommend keeping smaller amounts of newborn and 0-3 month old clothes. If you have excess of each size, exchange some for larger sizes.

Step 2: Return or Re-Gift Take any duplicate items to the store and get a gift card or store credit! I registered with Target and Amazon, and both were good about taking returns. I also recommend purchasing baby items from Nordstrom because of their amazing no questions asked & no time window return policy! Target carries a wide variety of baby items and will sometimes give you a merchandise credit without a receipt. If you don’t have receipts or can’t return unneeded items, put them in a closet for re-gifting later.

Step 3: Re-Assess the registry recommendations and add any remaining needed items to registries (make a “still needed” list) & use completion discounts! Amazon and Target will both give you 15% off the one-time purchase to complete your registry!

Step 4: Finish Putting Everything Away My suggestions for nursery organization (yours may vary depending on the sizes of your drawers and how much storage you have in other areas such as the bathroom… the key to the best organization is to have things close to where you will use them and easy to access!)

  • Use a dresser for a changing table and position the changing pad on top with a stylish basket next to it for easy access to diapers, wipes, and any other frequently used items (for me it’s clippers, aquaphor, lotion)
  • Top drawers: diapers, wipes, nosefrieda, thermometer, etc.. socks, bibs, burp cloths
  • Middle drawers: clothes, folded KonMari style
  • Bottom drawers: Blankets, sleep sacks, pajamas, extra sheets, towels
  • Closet: Bins with next sizes of clothing
  • Closet: Hanging buntings, jackets, special outfits
  • Closet: Drawers with extra diapers, less used items & accessories, next shoe sizes
  • Closet: Items for next stages (sit me up, exersaucer)
  • Closet: Items to store such as convertible car seat or travel stroller

Step 5: Make a “still to do” list that may include: (It may help to choose one or two of these tasks to do each week so you don’t feel overwhelmed)

  • Wash all clothes & fold
  • Have next size ready — folded & washed — babies can grow out of newborn very quickly!
  • Organize diapers by size
  • How many diapers for each size to have on hand? It is safe to say that you will use each size for at least a month (though newborn could be less depending on how big your baby is at birth.) I would recommend starting with a one-month supply of sizes Newborn, One, and Two, and get more as needed once your baby moves up to the next size. Once your baby gets to size two, go ahead and get some size 3 to have on hand. Amazon and Target have made it easy for me to get diapers delivered as needed. You can set up automatic subscriptions if you like, but I prefer to buy as needed personally. If you have extras of a size your baby has outgrown, you can donate them to another mom or save them for a future baby!
  • Set up baby monitor
  • Set up swing, play mat, pack n play, & other items in each room to have a place for baby to hang!
  • Pack bag for hospital & diaper bag
  • Prepare freezer with meals, stock pantry, fridge, and household items (toilet paper, etc…)
  • Find friends and family who can be on call to help or give you emotional support for the first 6 weeks
  • Prepare nursery, set up crib & changing table. Set up other changing tables in your house if desired or necessary. Set up the bassinet in your room as well as a changing station of some kind there for the early middle of the night changes.

What to Pack for the Hospital

  • Travel toiletry kit & make up
  • Outfit for going home for you (I recommend a maxi dress or other loose fitting clothing) & for baby — check out the Take Me Home sets from Baby Steps & Mish (pictured above!) So soft & adorable!!
  • Post-birth robe or pajamas for you (You may prefer just to wear hospital-provided one or you may want your own, I recommend a nursing gown & robe similar to this)
  • Phone charger, snacks

What to pack in a Diaper Bag

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Extra Onesie, Bib, and Burp Cloth
  • Snacks (for you when you have a newborn, for your baby once they start solids)
  • Bottle of Breastmilk/Formula or Cup of Water depending on baby’s age
  • Blanket (no longer need this when you have a toddler!)
  • Pacifiers/Wubbanub
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses (for you)
  • Keys, Phone, Wallet (for you)

Dad Checklist

  • Finish projects around the house
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Help mom with her list!

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