Kiddie Videos based on Kiddie Lit (Children’s Literature)

Kiddie Videos based on Kiddie Lit (Children’s Literature)
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Kiddie Videos based on Kiddie Lit

We all need a little break sometimes! And screen time for your kids is an easy way to catch a break and get a few things done for yourself! Here is a list of some shows that are based on children’s literature, all of which you can watch many episodes for free on Amazon Prime!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Show | Books

If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie 

The Snowy Day Show | Book

The Stinky and Dirty Show | Books

Madeline Show |  Books

Guess How Much I Love You Show | Book

Arthur Show |  Books

Click Clack Moo Christmas at the Farm Movie | Book

The Snowman Movie | Book

Stella and Sam Show | Books

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Movie | Book

For a fun rainy day activity, you could read the book (links above next to each show or check your local library!) with your child and then watch the show/movie/video! If you are feeling extra energetic, you could be creative and follow the show with some sort of fun art or sticker project based on the book that will continue the conversation between you and your child. Some easy ideas include drawing a picture of favorite characters, molding them out of play-doh, or re-creating a favorite scene.

Having conversations with your child is so important and one of the best things you can do with them! Talk to your kids about books, characters, and more! Of course, watching TV is entertainment for your child and shouldn’t replace time outdoors or imaginative play, but in the reality of the day to day, it is inevitable that many children watch some TV. So instead of feeling guilty about it, help your child learn from the characters and make connections to books and their own life!

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