2 under 2: Baby and Toddler Schedule

2 under 2: Baby and Toddler Schedule

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2 under 2: Everyone seems to be doing it, but no one is talking about how HARD it is. Taking care of these two has me feeling like we are a circus parade. Nevertheless we keep on keepin’ on and doing this! Here is our schedule (which obviously doesn’t work like clockwork but this is what we try to do…) at 2.5 years & 6 months, we will probably keep close to this schedule until the baby transitions to one nap!

7:30 baby out of crib
8:00 toddler out of crib
(as of two days ago he actually sleeps in this tent now in preparation for an upcoming trip)
8:30 breakfast baby and toddler
9:30-11 baby nap and toddler activity of some kind
11:00 baby nurse and we go out for a walk if we can
12:30 lunch for everyone
1:00 start nap routine for toddler
2:00 baby nap, toddler is hopefully asleep by now
3:30 baby nurse
4:00 outing of some sort if we can make it happen
5:30 dinner for everyone
6:30/7 baby nurses then baby gets bottle of breastmilk
7:30 bed for baby
8:00 bed for toddler
8:05 wine for mommy

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