5 Travel Tips plus Bonus Tip: Sleeping Away from Home!

5 Travel Tips plus Bonus Tip: Sleeping Away from Home!

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Here are some travel tips I recently shared with my Facebook group, Naptime Deals! Click here to join and follow along for great baby sales, deals, tips, recommendations, and more! Also, I have written more posts on travel tips, which you can find here!

1. Use a lightweight car seat and stroller! For me, this is the Cosco Scenera Next and Baby Trend Tri Fold Mini. Total cost for both is under $150! They work great together in the airport and just generally for travel! I am able to place the car seat on top of the stroller and push them together through the airport. I mainly put my bags inside the car seat and wear the baby, but it does work for short distances to push him in it as long as I am holding on to both the seat and the stroller. Stroller hooks are very useful, I actually forgot mine this time and missed them a lot!

2. On the airplane: have plenty of activities ready! Prime Video (download ahead of time!!), YouTube videos, small coloring book and stickers, matchbox cars, water wow, PipSquigz, and anything else you think will distract your little one for a few minutes at a time! I’ve got many of the activities I bring along in my shop here!

3. Bring a Baby Carrier! I use the Beco Gemini, and I love it. It’s really easy to put on and comfortable. I was able to carry my almost 21-month old in it around the airport when he was getting a bit unruly 🙂

4. On the airplane: have snacks ready! One particular hit this trip was animal crackers! He loved looking at the bag and picking the animals he wanted, it was like a snack + activity combined!!

5. Bring a foldable reusable tote, similar to what I use here! I brought my purse + diaper bag onto the airplane. However, I didn’t want to keep both at my feet the whole ride. So, I put them in the overhead bin and just took out the things I needed for the flight and put them in a reusable shopping bag! It helps me be more organized if I have places for everything to go! It is often also helpful just to have another bag just in case!

Bonus: Tips on sleeping away from home 😴

– Bring loveys & blankets, whatever you can do to make the environment most like it is at home is helpful!!

– I use KidCo Peapod plus for my older guy and Pack n Play for my little one. I really like the quilted pack n play sheets, they make the bed so much softer!

– I usually bring black out fabric but this time I didn’t need it. My 21 month old is a really great sleeper thankfully and he did great this trip!! It’s crazy how different they are — when I traveled with my older one at this age (and I was pregnant too …) He was up in the middle of the night if we were in the room with him. This one slept great! Try to make the environment most like home!

– Sound machine: I use a sound machine at home and usually bring it with me when I travel. This time, I downloaded the app “Sound Machine” for FREE and it worked great!! This is the one I used!



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