Holiday Traditions: Making Valentine’s Day Special

Holiday Traditions: Making Valentine’s Day Special

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One of the things I love to do for my kids is try to make holidays special. Even small holidays can give an excuse to celebrate and have a “party!”

At Christmas, we do an Advent Calendar with daily activities, and my kids LOVE it and look forward to it every day. So, I decided that for Valentine’s Day this year we would do a similar countdown just for fun!

I bought this calendar when it was on sale, and came up with 14 activities we would do this month:

  1. Make Valentines for family members
  2. Superbowl Party
  3. Valentine Coloring Sheets
  4. Watch Daniel Tiger Love Day
  5. Make Valentines for class
  6. Valentine Popcorn (drizzle popcorn in white chocolate and sprinkles)
  7. Ways I Love You writing on hearts and read All The Ways I Love You
  8. Make Valentine Cookie Press Cookies
  9. Play Doh hearts
  10. Valentine Ice Cream (pink or white ice cream with sprinkles on top)
  11. Read Valentine books
  12. Watch Snowy Day
  13. Valentine Cake
  14. Valentine’s Day Party!!

So far, we are all having a great time celebrating February! What are your holiday traditions?

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