KidPik Clothing Subscription Box Review

KidPik Clothing Subscription Box Review

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This post is not sponsored, I purchased this box myself, but I do earn a commission when purchases are made through my links.

I recently ordered the KidPik subscription box for my 5 year old! He was starting to outgrow many of his clothes and needed a refresh for fall. I decided to try KidPik because I thought it would be a fun and easy way to not have to think about what to order for his wardrobe update!

The online ordering process was simple, easy, and fun. My son and I looked together on the computer and picked out the styles he liked, and selected our preferences. He really was incredibly excited about the process and kept asking when the box would come in the mail!

They e-mailed me soon after I ordered saying that there would be a delay, but they issued a $5 credit for the delay, and it really didn’t seem that delayed to me. I had expected it to take a couple of weeks to arrive, and that’s how long it ended up taking, maybe a little less than that. When it did arrive, my son was so excited to see what was inside!

I was really impressed with the packaging as well as the selection of clothes, and Killian was excited about it too. One thing that bothered me is I specifically selected “no jeans” and they included jeans. However, the jeans they included were the softest jeans I had ever felt, I think my son will love them, and I’m excited for him to have some pants that aren’t just play clothes.

We both liked the accessory they included, a bracelet, but we need to find another one for my 3 year old! I wish they had the ability to re-order specific items, and also that they carried sizes starting at baby/toddler, because I could tell my 3 year old was a little jealous over his big brother getting the cool box of clothes and there wasn’t one for him (and it doesn’t even come in his size, but hard for a 3 year old to understand!)

With the 50% off coupon for keeping the whole box, (I used code BEWELL50, additional codes at the top of this post) I thought the box was an excellent value. If I didn’t have the coupon, it would have been expensive compared to what I usually spend on clothing for him. But the quality of the pieces included was high, and I’m excited to see how well they wash & wear over time.

Ultimately, I would recommend KidPik if you want to try something new for your kids’ wardrobe or if you want a very easy/convenient option for updating your kids’ closet!!! The process was seamless and an exciting addition to our necessary clothing shopping!

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