All About the Amazon Shop

All About the Amazon Shop

Almost every day, I update the Naptime Deals Amazon shop!! When I sit down to find and post the Naptime Deals each day, I add the best Amazon ones to the shop!!! It’s an easy one-stop shop for me to add my finds and keep them organized!

There are FIVE “Naptime Deals” categories that I keep at the top! The image above has them outlined in blue for reference! These house the best current deals for toys, home, baby, subscribe and save, and everything else! I look for items that either I love myself or others love, and add them to the shop when they take a big price drop or are at their lowest price yet!!!

Underneath the FIVE “Naptime Deals” categories, there are tons of other categories — gift ideas, book recommendations, travel items, and overall general favorites of mine that aren’t necessarily on sale at the moment, but that I recommend!

Let me know what other questions you have about the shop!

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