Easy and FREE YOTO Content!

Easy and FREE YOTO Content!

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We are LOVING our YOTO mini that I got my 5 and 7 year old for Christmas! I love that it has the daily (FREE) YOTO daily podcast automatically ready to go each day, and it’s super easy for my kids to access. I also love that I can link tons of podcasts or whatever content I want to the Make Your Own Cards!

Here’s how to link a podcast!

  1. The link you add when you are adding the podcast needs to be the “RSS feed” for the podcast. I will link a few of my kids’ favorites below. If you need to find the RSS feed you can try to use this tool if you cannot find it by googling the name of the podcast + RSS feed !
  2. Head HERE to add a podcast to your YOTO library!!
  3. Then, in the APP, find your podcast under My Library, click the three dots on the top right, and click “Link to a Card” and follow the prompts to insert your Make Your Own Card into the YOTO player! (pictured below!)

Here are some of my kids’ favorite Podcasts (I’m linking directly to the RSS feed which is what you need to input into the box HERE to add to your YOTO library)

We actually have not gotten to these yet, but these are on our list to try:

I also recently discovered how to turn .mp3 or .m4a audio content into playlists that can be added to any Make Your Own Card!

  1. Find free content! These books are a good start! More free content is linked below, and I will update if I find additional free content!
  2. Right click on the audio player on the page, and then click “save audio as.” Then proceed to save the files to your computer.
  3. Head to your YOTO account on your desktop and create a playlist.
  4. Upload the mp3 or m4a Audio files to the playlist.
  5. Head to the YOTO app on your phone and link the playlist (you’ll find your playlists under My Library) to a card.

Free Audio Content to download:

The other thing I have been loving about YOTO is the CLUB. I joined for one year and can choose 2 cards a month from select content AND I get 10% off any additional cards and FREE SHIPPING on all orders. This has made it really easy to get content I want for the player!

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