My favorite bins for storing kids’ clothing!

My favorite bins for storing kids’ clothing!

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I recently switched to these bins for storing my kids’ clothing, and for me, they work much better than the larger tubs for up to around size 5/6. I was tired of sorting through giant bins of clothing each time I needed to do wardrobe resets for my (4) kids!

What I do is place one season (summer, winter) for each size in its own bin! If it doesn’t fit in the bin, I find a new home for it. This has helped me keep my kids’ clothing manageable, as it was chaos before!

When it’s time to reset the wardrobes, I place about a week’s worth of outfits in each child’s drawer, and we go from there. I organize everything by OUTFIT and this really streamlines things and makes both laundry and choosing clothing MUCH easier!

I do occasionally purchase seasonal items and store those separately, in general. I have some smaller shoe-box sized bins that I use for seasonal shirts and particular matching sets that I want to keep together. I also do have separate bins for swim, holiday jammies, and store all outerwear/jackets separately as well!

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