Naptime Deals is every mom’s go-to resource to find the best deals on all the latest and greatest products for the entire family! Prime Day is coming soon, and here are 10 things to know about shopping Prime Day with us!!

1. Our event BEST PRIME DAY 2024  is LIVE!!! RSVP so you don’t miss it!!! I’ll be sharing lots of Prime Day info and tips in there AND it’s a great/easy way to share with your friends!!!

2. BACK FOR THE SECOND YEAR is the STAR OF THE SHOW, our Telegram Channel!! Learn how to use it NOW!! There were crazy deals in the past such as a soft play set under $50, almost $400 off a TV, and a box of diapers for $2.50. These types of deals go SO FAST and you’ll want to have the instant alerts enabled on the Telegram Channel so you don’t miss them!! We also NOW HAVE AN INSTAGRAM BROADCAST CHANNEL where we share exclusively shoe deals!!!

I’ll SAY IT AGAIN FOR THOSE IN THE BACK: Facebook does not roll out posts to feeds fast enough for you to snag the hottest Prime Day deals if you solely rely on the feed. It sometimes takes DAYS for them to show a post in feeds…. Some of these deals will be gone in minutes!! I also cannot rapid-fire posts on FB due to the algorithm, so if I see two deals at the same time I have to give it some time between them when posting on FB. On Telegram, I can just send deal blasts as fast as I want to!!! The Telegram channel is the easiest way to get the deals instantly!! You can also keep the group / Telegram page pulled up and constantly refresh it on Prime Day so you don’t miss anything!!! Be sure you check your notifications in the group but those are often delayed as well! 

The other thing that is REALLY IMPORTANT to do besides interacting/commenting in the group (this is the most important thing to let FB know that you want to see my posts and help others see my posts soon enough) is to follow the PAGE Naptime Deals and set it as a FAVORITE!!!

3. ISO (In Search Of) visit the hashtag #primedayiso2024 and let us know what you are shopping for in each category!!! These have started rolling out and will continue to roll out up until the day before Prime Day!

4. The day before Prime Day, I will launch a “HUB” with threads for each category. Check them often throughout the two days of Prime Day because they will be updated frequently. I can only post so many deals on the main page of the group so the HUB allows me to post EVERYTHING of interest to our group members!!! WE WILL SEE HOW IT GOES….. I prefer to put the links in comments because it’s easier and shows the link preview for you…. However, I run into comment limits on Prime Day and FB likes to filter them, making it confusing… if you are browsing in the comments be sure to sort to ALL COMMENTS. If I run into issues with limits, I will start putting things up at the top of the posts!

5. Every day is Prime Day in @naptimedeals ….. I share incredible price drops and coupons all the time… I check price history, compare retailers, and do my best to make sure I am finding you the LOWEST PRICES!!! I also have a strict no junk policy and only post things that I would buy myself or that I know are very popular….. I do the same on Prime Day, it’s just a 48 hour extravaganza!!! 

6. There will be SO MANY DEALS!!! I usually wake up around 5am to start posting and then I post ALL DAY and do this TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!! 

7. Other retailers will have events and deals too. Don’t miss out on these!!! I always try to find you free shipping when I can!! I’ll be sharing more info on all of these sales as I get it! 

8. An exclusive HOW TO SHOP PRIME BIG DEAL DAYS e-mail will go out to e-mail subscribers SOON!! Don’t miss it!!! Get on the list!

9. Prime Day is the PERFECT TIME to start your holiday shopping!!! You can enjoy more of the months of November and December if your shopping is mostly done already! There are also so many great deals to snag so you’ll save money by grabbing something you know you want in advance and not having to worry about if another sale will come up!

10. Deal Days get more fun here in Naptime Deals each year!!! It’s honestly like a box of chocolates and we never know what we’ll get — but there are always sweet deals to be found!! 

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