Prime Day Tips and Tricks

Prime Day Tips and Tricks

I started doing almost all of my shopping online when I moved to New York City and became a mom (both things happened at the same time) and I found so many great online sales that I decided to start sharing them in a Facebook group & e-mail newsletter! We are now a bustling and constantly growing community of moms who love to shop!

Prime Day is on the horizon now, and in the past there have been enough great deals that it is a day to look forward to! My all time favorite deal from Prime Day was the $2 box of diapers I scored in 2019! There is always a lot of excitement and anticipation over what the best deals will be each year! Here are my top tips to navigate Prime Day!

  1. If you are not a Prime member yet, do the free trial! Set a reminder close to the end of the 30-day trial so you can either cancel or continue without surprises!
  2. Make a list of what you want/need. This will help you save! Don’t buy things just because they are on sale — buy things that you will be able to use/give as a gift/will bring you joy/you are able to afford.
  3. You can make an Amazon Wishlist of the items you are looking for, and Amazon will notify you of any sales when you adjust your notifications! Know also that many of the sales last year included extra coupons to clip, which won’t always show up as a price drop, so be sure to follow Naptime Deals for alerts!
  4. Follow Naptime Deals! Also sign up for the e-mail newsletter just in case Facebook has any issues on the big day! Make sure your group notifications are ON and set to ALL POSTS! You can also follow This is Real Mom and select SEE FIRST for all the deals to show up first in your newsfeed!
  5. Add things you are looking for to the ISO thread in the group and I will keep my eye out for deals on these things & more! I will also make a post for you to share your finds from Prime Day, so add any hot deals to that thread if you score something great that I didn’t see yet!
  6. Lots of other stores will be having sales, too. Amazon created their own shopping holiday so lots of stores will try to compete! Shop around and make sure you are getting a good deal  Particularly worth noting in the past were great site-wide sales at Target!
  7. Search for & watch upcoming deals yourself: Head here to see Upcoming Lightning Deals! (I pre-selected some categories, you can customize which categories you are interested in seeing!)
    1. Select “Watch this Deal” for deals you are interested in!
    2. THEN head here to see all the deals you are watching: You can set how you want to be notified that deals have gone live.
    3. Head here to see coupons available! There is a search bar in the top right where you can search by brand to see what is available for your favorite brands!

Last year I scored a box of Seventh Generation Diapers for just $2!!! That was my favorite score. What will you be shopping for this Prime Day?

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