Preparing for Baby: The Baby Stuff List

Preparing for Baby: The Baby Stuff List
This is the list of resources I send to my pregnant friends whenever I find out they are expecting! You can view all of the other sections through these links: Pregnancy ResourcesThe Baby Stuff List, What Do I Really Need?Nursery GearFor BabyBig PurchasesFor Mom, Save, Spend, Splurge!, After the Baby Shower, The Baby is Here
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The Baby Stuff List

Babies need lots of stuff: diapers, clothes, a crib, books, toys, and the list goes on and on. When we found out we were pregnant with baby K, the first thing I wanted to do was to start shopping! We are blessed to have an amazing family who wanted to help us, so we immediately started creating a registry on We really wanted to be minimalists since we lived in a super small apartment at the time and knew we were probably going to be moving to another small apartment (which we did), so we tried our best to stick to the basic necessities! We still ended up with so much baby stuff! It was hard to decide what to register for, because it is hard to know what you truly need until after the baby is here.

That being said, I found recommendations from friends and the internet to be helpful in figuring out what other people were using and enjoying. A friend shared with me a very comprehensive “Baby Prep List” that was extremely helpful to me. I have passed it on by writing down my own personal experiences with all things baby and sharing with my pregnant friends. It is a long list so I have broken it up into the following sections: 

We registered at because our friends and family who wanted to help us out live far away and Amazon was very easy for them to ship items to us. A few weeks after signing up for the Amazon registry, you can order a free registry welcome box that comes with some baby freebies! Even if you don’t want to share your Amazon registry, it is a great idea to make one to keep track of your wish list so that you can take advantage of the free welcome box and the registry completion discount!

I also registered at Nordstrom because of their amazing return policy (you can return almost anything with no time limit!) Target has a great baby registry as well. I am not familiar with other registries such as those at Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us but I’m sure those are great options too. I would suggest you register wherever you think it will be most convenient for your friends and family to shop at.

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