The Baby Stuff List: Nursery Gear

The Baby Stuff List: Nursery Gear
This is the list of resources I send to my pregnant friends whenever I find out they are expecting! You can view all of the other sections through these links: Pregnancy ResourcesThe Baby Stuff List, What Do I Really Need?Nursery GearFor BabyBig PurchasesFor Mom, Save, Spend, Splurge!, After the Baby Shower, The Baby is Here
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Nursery Gear

  • Crib – I wanted a modern, simple, low-cost crib, and we are happy with the one we got.
  • Mattress – We are happy with this mattress, too.
  • Mattress pad – We have 2 waterproof mattress pads which we use under the crib sheet. I purchased two because if one is in the wash, the other is on the crib! Especially in the beginning, babies nap so frequently, and if you plan for your baby to nap in the crib, you will need multiple changes of sheets. 
  • Crib sheets – We have 3 crib sheets but I have a favorite one that I usually keep on. I change the sheets less often than I should, whenever they seem dirty… 
  • Dust ruffle, bumper, etc. – The AAP says you’re not supposed to use crib bumpers so I didn’t have one at first but once my little guy started being a maniac in the crib (sticking legs/arms through the slats) around 6 months, I did end up getting one, but I don’t recommend this to anyone else. I think we kept it on for about 6 months and then took it off when we thought he might use them to climb out. The dust ruffle on a crib isn’t necessary, although it does look nice, and keep in mind that you will start with the crib level high and eventually have to move it low once the baby is standing or pulling up. This seemed to go fast, and now we don’t even use the dust ruffle anymore because it fit better with the crib in higher setting.
  • Dresser / Changing table – We have the IKEA Hemnes dresser with a changing pad on top. It works great and is a good height. I personally think a changing table is essential. The dresser is an added bonus because once we are diaper-free we can keep using it! We got a second changing pad for our bedroom when we had baby number 2 and I’m so happy because it’s very useful not to have to bend down when changing diapers.
  • Changing Pad / Cover – I like to have the fabric cover with another liner on top to protect it because I like how it looks. I guess the changing pad itself is wipeable so you could just use it without any covers. I have two fabric covers because they do sometimes get sprayed or dirty… The oval shaped liners are useful in the beginning so you don’t have to wash the fabric every time it gets dirty. 
  • Glider/Rocker/Ottoman – If you are breastfeeding, you will spend decent amount of time sitting to breastfeed, so whatever you feel comfortable in (with arms) should work. I liked how my rocker had sides that came out where you could rest your head if baby was sleeping while you rock. We chose this rocker and this ottoman
  • My babies both liked BOUNCING on the yoga ball!! So we have gotten a lot of use out of the yoga ball!

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