Preparing for Baby: Pregnancy Resources

Preparing for Baby: Pregnancy Resources

Photo credit: The very talented Malena who took maternity photos for us

This is the list of resources I send to my pregnant friends whenever I find out they are expecting! You can view all of the other sections through these links: Pregnancy ResourcesThe Baby Stuff List, What Do I Really Need?Nursery GearFor BabyBig PurchasesFor Mom, Save, Spend, Splurge!, After the Baby Shower, The Baby is Here
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Pregnancy Resources

Throughout my first pregnancy, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information out there as well as with what items to choose for baby. These are some things I found helpful. Looking back, I wish I had read less about pregnancy and more about baby sleep, ha! However, I do wonder if reading about sleep problems had to be something I did in the moment as I was experiencing it. Either way, at least read something about baby sleep before your baby is born! Babies need a lot of sleep and it is helpful to know what to expect.

On a side note, our hospital for our first son had amazing lactation consultants, and really focused on teaching us how to breastfeed while we were there. I’m not sure how standard this is (my second birth experience had mediocre lactation support – the consultant herself was knowledgeable and helpful but didn’t show up until I was about to be discharged) but I found it absolutely essential. If your hospital does not have this kind of support, I would definitely recommend taking a breastfeeding class and hiring your own lactation consultant. I found breastfeeding to be difficult and frustrating at first, and was so glad to have great support at the hospital.

I also highly recommend creating an Amazon Baby Registry, as it makes it really easy for friends and family to contribute to your new little nugget and/or keep track of what you want/need for your baby!

My Favorite Resources

  • My Baby Stuff List: I will tell you all about all of the baby stuff you will need! See my updates What do I really Need? for an overview of the necessities, and Save, Spend, Splurge! to understand more about the different options for different budgets!
  • YouTube Childbirth Class (3 parts): We didn’t go to a traditional class at the hospital, but watched these YouTube videos instead and read a ton of stuff. I also watched other birth videos and read hundreds of birth stories. We also took a hospital tour. I don’t feel that a traditional class would have necessarily made me more prepared. Also, this short video gives an interesting analogy of what the process is like 
  • Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong–and What You Really Need to Know – Every pregnant woman should read this! An economics Professor dispels conventional pregnancy ‘wisdom’ in this uniquely informative book.
  • BabyCenter birth month club – Online forum for support of other mothers giving birth in the same month.
  • Facebook groups – See if there are any local moms groups you can join for support and camaraderie. There may be opportunities for meet-ups with local moms and this can be a great way to meet other moms and meet friends for your baby! Join my group Naptime Deals for product recommendations and updates on what’s on sale!
  • Pinterest – there is so much out there to explore and read. Don’t get too crazy, but it is useful to learn from other moms and use their experiences to help you understand what having a baby will be like and to get ideas for how you will raise your child.

Sleep Books/Resources

Parenting Books/Resources

(If you are interested in reading these types of books, you could read these during pregnancy or wait until during the first year and beyond)

Postpartum Stuff

  • I found this article very relatable and real regarding the postpartum struggle.

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